Green Putty

What is Green Putty?

Also known as Liquid Green Stuff, it is an extra fine-grained, water-based, and fast-drying putty with an extra hard finish. It has been specially designed for modeling and is perfect as a superfine filler due to its adhesion and sanding properties. It does not shrink when drying. It can be cleaned and thinned with water. Nontoxic and nonflammable.

What is Liquid Green Stuff?

Liquid Green Stuff or Green Putty is an acrylic putty used to fill gaps and smooth out surfaces on miniature figurines and other small-scale models. It is typically used in the hobby of miniature wargaming, where players use small figurines to represent different characters and units on a battlefield. It is applied to the miniature and then sculpted or smoothed to fill in gaps or create new details. It is called Liquid Green Stuff due to its color and consistency, which is similar to that of a liquid when it is first applied. Once it's dried it becomes hard and can be sanded, filed, or painted.

How to use liquid green stuff?

Using this filler to fill gaps and sculpt details on miniature figurines is a simple process. Here are the basic steps:

1.- Clean the area where you want to apply it. Make sure it's free of dust, oil, or other contaminants that might affect the bond between the acrylic putty and the miniature.

2.- Apply a small amount to the area you want to fill or sculpt. A toothpick or a sculpting tool can be used to apply it. Take into account that this sculpting material can be thinned with water to make it more fluid.

3.- Use a sculpting tool, a paintbrush, or simply your fingers to shape it as desired. It should be pressed firmly against the miniature to ensure a good bond.

4.- Allow drying. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a day depending on the application thickness and the humidity of the environment. Once it is dry, you can sand or file it to smooth out any rough edges or high spots. If you are going to paint it after it is totally dried, clean the surface again so you can prime it or paint it directly.

It's important to keep in mind that it hardens after a while, so you will want to work quickly and be mindful of how much you are using to avoid it hardening on your tools or fingers.

Content: 20ml tube with a fine applicator tip.

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