Blu Tack Putty

What is Blu Tack?

Blu Tack is a brand of adhesive putty that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as hanging posters and securing items to walls or other surfaces such as miniature supports and handles for painting and modeling. It is made from a mixture of natural rubber and synthetic materials and can be stretched and molded to fit different shapes and sizes.

It is used especially in modeling to hold figures and other small objects in place while they are being painted with all kinds of paints, such as acrylic paints, or simply when working on them. The putty can be used to secure the figures to supports, such as cork supports, cork columns, wooden bases, or even plastic stands, without leaving any residue or damage to the figures.

Blu tack as a masking material

Additionally, Blu Tack can be used as a simple masking material when airbrush painting. By molding the putty around areas of a figure or model that you do not want to be painted, you can create a barrier that will prevent paint from getting onto those areas, allowing you to achieve a more precise and accurate paint job.

However, for this function, it is better to use specific products with less grip that cannot damage the previous paint when removing the product. For this masking application, we recommend Masking Putty

Content: Blu Tack the Original - 60gr. format

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