WAX Picking pencil

These pencils have been designed to handle parts that are too small to be picked up with tweezers. The tip is made of wax so it is slightly tacky (self-adhesive), not too sticky to make it hard to release the part when you need to, just enough to pick up small parts without leaving any residue. When it loses tackiness or becomes blunt, just sharpen it.

For the best results, use a desktop sharpener or a scalpel. When sharpening the tip with a scalpel you can shape it as you need, for example as a point, a chisel or a flat area. Avoid blunt sharpeners as they will break the tip.

Intended for very small parts. Perfect for scratch-building and Photo Etch parts

Color: Multicolor - Random Selection

Size: 8mm in diameter and 20cm length (8")

Material: Wax, Paper

Quantity: 3 pencils

4,75 €
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