Matt White Spray Paint 400ml

White spray paint has been designed for hobby and miniature painting and priming, is a type of matte paint that offers excellent coverage and is suitable for application on metal, plastic, or resin miniatures. It contains a high concentration of pigment, ensuring a vibrant and opaque white color when applied.

One of the key features is its self-leveling property. This means that when applied, it tends to spread evenly and smooth out imperfections on the surface, resulting in a professional-looking finish.

it has been formulated as a synthetic lacquer, which allows it to cure rapidly. This fast-drying characteristic is advantageous for hobbyists who want to complete their projects efficiently and move on to subsequent steps or layers of paint.

One notable advantage of using this type is its compatibility with other types of colors commonly used in miniature painting. Once the spray paint has dried, it forms a durable and resistant layer that won't be affected by subsequent applications of acrylic paints, enamel, or other weathering techniques typically employed in the hobby.

Contents 1x White Aerosol Primer 400ml


- Shake the can properly before each use.
- Apply this spray paint with oscillations from left to right to ensure a constant and even application.
- Hold the aerosol at least 20-30 centimeters away from the surface you want to paint. This will ensure that the paint is evenly distributed over the entire surface. If you have to access difficult areas, you can get close, but move it quickly to avoid build-up and drips.
- Do not apply the paint from too far away to avoid a rough surface. If it is applied from too close it may drip.
- Sprays have propellant gas that could damage some plastics if applied too closely.
- Clean the diffuser after each use by spraying a little paint but with the bottle completely upside down. In this way, only gas will come out cleaning the inner tubes as well as the diffusers.


Keep out of children's reach.
Keep away from heat/sparks / open flames / hot surfaces.
Do not spray on an open flame or another source of ignition.
Do not pierce or burn, even after use.
Keep the recipient hermetically sealed.
IN CASE OF INHALATION: Remove the person to fresh air and keep him in a position that facilitates breathing.
IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH THE EYES: Rinse carefully with water for several minutes. Call a POISON CENTER or doctor: If eye irritation persists, see a doctor.

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