Liquid Mask


The turquoise blue masking liquid is a useful masking product that allows you to cover and protect areas of your figure or model that you do not want to paint. This liquid is easy to apply using the brush included with the product, or any other brush of your choice.

Once the liquid dries, it creates a thin film that is very easy to remove by simply pulling it off. This makes it perfect for use when you are painting or finishing a model or figure and need to protect certain areas from accidental overspray or brushstrokes.

One of the benefits of this masking liquid is that it is formulated to be soluble in water. This allows you to adjust the intensity of the mask, delay its drying time, and clean it more easily.

We recommend applying at least two thin layers of the product over the surface you wish to cover, in order to create a mask that is thick enough to be removed easily without breaking. This will help to ensure that the mask comes off with little effort when you are finished painting the rest of your figure.

The approximate drying time for this turquoise blue masking liquid is 15 minutes. It comes in a convenient glass jar with an applicator brush, and the jar contains 10 ml of liquid, which should be more than enough for most projects.

Whether you are an experienced modeler or a beginner, this masking liquid is a useful tool to have in your collection.

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Contents: 1 glass bottle of 10 ml with applicator.

2,99 €