Acrylic white paint Nuclear White

The Maxx Formula line of acrylic paints is a collection designed and developed, especially for modeling and miniature painting. Crafted by experienced artists with state-of-the-art pigments, these highly pigmented colors offer a smooth, matte finish. With a wide variety of essential white tones and shades for wargames, vehicles, miniatures, and dioramas, as well as GSW-exclusive colors, this range is designed to meet all the needs of enthusiasts in their projects.

This specific color in scale modeling and miniature painting serves a critical role in creating lights and illuminations. It is the canvas upon which highlights and sources of light come to life, infusing depth and realism into the model. By strategically applying this color to specific areas of the miniature, modelers can simulate the play of light on different surfaces, adding dimension and enhancing the overall visual appeal. Whether it's highlighting the edges of armor or armor seams to imitate light reflections, or establishing the core brightness in object-source lighting (OSL) to replicate the glow of a light source. It allows modelers to sculpt the illusion of illumination, making the miniature appear more vibrant and true to life. Additionally, it is instrumental in achieving the subtleties of shading and blending, enabling the modeler to transition smoothly between light and shadow, which is crucial for creating realistic textures and captivating visual effects.

While the Maxx Formula line is primarily intended for brush application, modelers have the option of using them with an airbrush if thinned slightly with Acrylic Thinner. This flexibility makes it a perfect choice for those who wish to explore a variety of painting techniques, allowing them to achieve a wide variety of effects that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

The Maxx Formula paints is a line of acrylic colors comes in dropper containers designed to provide a precise and controlled application, making it easy to use just where it is needed, without wasting a drop. A key component of these dropper bottles is the inclusion of a small metal ball inside. These mixing balls play an essential role in uniform mixing, agitating the pigments to ensure even distribution throughout the container. This is especially beneficial for painters who do not use the paint frequently, as it prevents the pigments from settling to the bottom of the container over time. In addition, the dropper container is equipped with an airtight cap that seals the container securely, preventing air from entering and drying the paint. This helps to keep the paint fresh and usable for a long period of time, even if it is not used regularly.

Content: 1x white paint 17ml

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