Acrylic Paint Thinner 60ml

Acrylic thinner is a solution designed to thin down hobby-grade acrylic paints for better application and a smoother finish. This type of thinner is a must-have for hobbyists who use acrylic paints for their models, dioramas, miniatures, and other creative projects.

It will thin down the paint without compromising its quality, texture, or color. By adding the thinner to the acrylic paint, the hobbyist can adjust the consistency to their preference, making it easier to apply by airbrush and ensuring a smooth and even finish. Hobbyists can also use this thinner to create custom mixes of paint colors and adjust the transparency of the paint for different effects.

To use acrylic thinner, the hobbyist should first mix the paint and the thinner in a ratio of 4:1. The ratio will change depending on the density of the paint and how is intended to be applied. The mixture should be stirred thoroughly until the paint has reached the desired consistency. If it is still too thick, they can add a few drops at a time, until the desired consistency is achieved. Conversely, if the paint is too thin, they can add more paint to the mixture.

Content: 60 ml

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