20x Precision tips for Super Glue Bottles

Precision tips are special attachments that can be added to the nozzle of a cyanoacrylate instant glue bottle to allow for a more precise application of the Cyanoacrylate glue. These tips are designed to give you greater control over the amount and location of the adhesive you apply, making it easier to use the CA-glue for delicate or intricate projects.

GSW precision tips have an extra fine needle-like point that can be used to apply small amounts of adhesive to specific areas. They are made of plastic and are sold as separate accessories that can be attached to the nozzle of your bottle.

Using them can help you achieve a cleaner, more professional-looking result, especially when working with small or intricate pieces. They can also help you save adhesive liquid or gel by allowing you to apply it only where it is needed, rather than having it spread out and potentially ruin your project.

This set of 20x precision tips will allow you to dose the cyanoacrylate in controlled quantities while protecting the original nozzle of the CA bottle.

How to use precision tips for cyanoacrylate bottles

After attaching a precision tip you can leave it on in position, without having to close the glue bottle for weeks, as air will not be able to enter through the tip thus favoring its conservation.

Make sure they are fitted tight on your Cyano bottles. Press the tip on with some pressure, so that it seats very tightly. Most CA adhesive bottles will accept these tips, but to be 100% sure, use ours.

If the glue is not needed for a long period of time, we recommend preparing the bottle for storage. Remove the used tip, clean the nozzle and the neck of the bottle, and replace the cap with its original cap.

Using these for cyanoacrylate bottles can make it easier to apply the hobby adhesive accurately and with greater control. They can be especially helpful when working with small or delicate objects or in hard-to-reach areas. Just be sure to follow proper safety procedures, such as using gloves and working in a well-ventilated area, to avoid any accidental contact with the glue.

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